Whether travelling on holiday or to visit family and friends, we care about ensuring your plans happen the way you want. No two customers are the same when it comes to travelling, and as such we tailor-make travel solutions to suit your individual needs.


Travel management made easy for your business; we are small enough to ensure real service yet big enough to deliver real value. Wherever you need to travel and whatever you need to do we have your back, 24/7.

About Travel Connections

Travel Connections is not just your average travel agent. Starting in 1997 we have grown into a boutique travel agency offering solutions for both leisure and corporate travellers. All arrangements are tailor-made to suit your individual needs as we care about ensuring everything goes to plan each and every time, driven by our passion, expertise and experience.

Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do, you can trust us to make it happen.

Passion, experience, expertise.

Tailor made for you.

Customer service.

Not just your average travel agent.

Travel Tips

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  • What to Pack
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  • Time Saving Tips
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